• Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.         One of the most popular welding processes in the industry today is "TIG" welding. In this method, there is no risk for flux entrapment due to the non-use of any flux.  Due to clear visibility of the Arc and job, the welding operator can easily weld the joint. Many more benefits are as follows...

  • Welding possible in All positions
  • Suitable for high-quality welding of thin metals.
  • possible welding for non-ferrous metals.

GTAW is the most popular method in the industry today due to the above reasons.

GTAW Definition

   "Gas Tungsten Arc welding is an arc welding process wherein fusion is produced by an electric arc striking between a tungsten electrode and the job" 

To avoid atmospheric contamination, shielded gas is used, A filler metal is used if required.

By this method, almost all type of metal can be welded like:
  • Carbon and its alloys
  • Aluminum and its alloys
  • Stainless Steels
  • Copper Alloys
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Refractory metals
  • Heat-resisting Alloys
  • Magnesium Alloys
Welding can be performed in all types of joints such as butt joints, lap joints, edge and tee joints with the GTAW process.


 Welding torch, Tungsten electrode, collet, and collet body, Filler metal, Power source, High-frequency unit, Cables, Inert gas, Pressure regulator for inert gas and flow meter is required along with water supply and valves for water and gas solenoid.) The water supply unit is not required if the torch is air-cooled).

The tungsten electrode may be used in different materials and shapes. generally, three types of tungsten, using in different shapes like 

Electrode Negative Taper 2*dia         Alternative current       Electrode Positive
For GTAW three types of tungsten are used which are.
  • Pure tungsten
  • Zirconiated tungsten
  • Thoriated tungsten
Inert Gases are basically (1) Argon (2)Helium (3)Argon Helium Mixtures (4)Argon Oxygen Mixtures (5) Argon Hydrogen Mixtures
 For normal use, Argon gas is used due to availability and low cast.
Torches are two type (1)Air-cooled (2) Water-cooled but due to lightweight, welders preferred light Air cooled torch.


Safety required 
The welder should be worn full P.P.E during welding operation like.

  •  Specific hand gloves for GTAW welding.
  •   Apron
  • Coverall
  • Safety shoes
  • Welding helmet
The gas cylinder should be kept always upright position, should not roll for transferring from one place to another place, the cylinder should store in a proper ventilated and shaded area.
Environment, it is important to check the surrounding area for any combustible material to avoid fire hazards.
 Overall GTAW Welding process very uses a full and puller method, today in the welding field. 

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