Welding symbols

Welding symbols

Welding symbols

In today's era, welding technology is expanding in a big way and welding has acquired an important position in the manufacturing sector. Welding symbols are naturally an appropriate tool by designers to inform welding operators about welding.
Several symbols are used to represent the welding symbol, indicating the weld type, size, and location. The following elements need to be used to demonstrate these on the drawing:
  • The basic symbol is required to specify all types of welds.
  • Symbols used to indicate weld location, weld length, weld termination, etc.

A reference line and arrow on welding symbols

The reference line is actually a horizontal line along which all the necessary information is shown by means of arrows and some other symbols along or around it.
The arrow is known as the other important part of the welding symbol.

Basic welding symbols

Welding symbols

Weld Location

In welding symbols, to indicate the weld position, size, and types of the weld is displayed on the drawing with the help of a reference line, arrows, and some words and circles.

most commonly used weld symbols

welding symbols
If no welding symbols are displayed, the welding joint must be fully welded.
Here are some welding symbols displayed as per symbol and there drawing representation:
Welding symbols

Supplementary  welding symbols

supplementary welding symbols to mark weld all-round, the finish of welds, etc.

In the case of intermittent welding, when the joint commences with a weld, dimensions shall be marked  a follows:
 a- the length of each weld shall be indicated on the right-hand side of the symbol and
2- The unwelded length of the joint between each weld shall be indicated in brackets following the length dimension.

Example of welding symbols 

Welding symbols


Thus, through welding symbols all the information such as weld position, type of weld, weld location, size can be shown on the drawing.

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