Welding Electrode

Welding Electrode

welding electrode

Welding Electrodes

are the most part of welding work and without these, welding is impossible.

Generally, these welding electrodes can be classified into two-part which are as follows

Type of welding electrode
welding electrode

  • Consumable (Metallic)Welding Electrodes
  • Non-Consumable (refractory)Welding Electrodes

1-Non-Consumable Welding electrodes

Welding Electrodes that are not fused at the time of welding and only act as electrical conductors that generate arcs to get sufficient heat, called None- Consumable welding electrode, and they are made of (high melting points) metals such as carbon (melting point 6700 ° F, pure tungsten 615 ° F).
These electrodes do not melt while welding.
Separate filler wire is used with these electrodes to fill the joint.
Non-consumable welding electrodes are as follows
  • Carbon /Graphite welding electrodes
  • Tungsten Welding electrodes

Carbon/Graphite welding electrodes

These types of electrodes are coated with copper. Copper increases the electrical conductivity of electrodes.

Tungsten Welding electrodes
welding electrode

Tungsten electrodes are also non-consumable electrodes, which are mainly used in three types.

  • Pure tungsten electrode
  • Thoriated tungsten electrode
  • Zirconiated Electrode
They also come under non-consumable electrodes, but they are costlier than carbon or graphite electrodes.

2-Consumable (Metallic)Welding Electrodes

This type of welding electrode has lower melting points than non-consumable electrodes and fills the joint during melting and welding
This type of welding electrode is maybe fluxed and without flux. It is used for two tasks simultaneously, first as the conductor of the electricity for striking Ark to get the sufficient heat and also as filler metal to fill the joint.

Type of Consumable Welding Electrodes

Consumable Electrodes can be classified as follows:

  • Flux covered Welding Electrodes
  • Bare Electrodes

Flux covered Welding Electrodes
welding electrode

welding electrode

This type of electrode has a flux coating that protects the weld pool from atmospheric contamination by creating a layer on the surface of the fused weld metal.
welding electrode

Bare Electrodes

These type of electrodes doesn't have any flux and required additional shielding gas to protect the fused metal from the atmospheric contamination of the molten weld pool.

Welding Electrode's Number and material description

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welding electrode

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