welding processes, Arc welding

welding processes

     Arc welding

Several welding and brazing processes are being applied by industries
along with many soldering methods, and may be classified them on the source of heat, or on the type of interaction.

Welding Processes 

welding processes

Arc Welding Process

The arc welding process itself have a group of welding process wherein coalescence is produced by heating the job with an electric arc between a source and the work peace.
Generally, there is no need for the application of pressure in this process. 

welding processes

Type of Arc Welding Process

  • SMAW      (shielded metal Arc welding)
  • GTAW       (Gas Tungsten Arc welding)
  • CAW         (Carbon Arc welding)
  • SAW          (Submerged Arc welding)
  • GMAW      (Gas Metal Arc welding)/MIG
  • PAW          (plasma Arc welding)
  • ASW         (Arc Spot Welding)
  • Electroslag welding
  • Electrogas welding
  • SW             (Stud Arc Welding)
In the Arc welding process, the required heat applied by the AC/DC power source, depending upon the welding process.

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