welding automation

welding automation

Welding automation

A wide variety of welding processes have been successfully automated through the use of industrial robots like GTAW, GMAW, SPOT Welding, Laser beam Welding, Submerged Arc Welding, and Electron beam welding, etc.

What is a Robot?

The robot is a mechanical device that can easily be programmed to perform repetitive job functions. Robots are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Although the robots are in a variety of size and shape, all have some common characteristics.

Industrial robots

Basically, six types of robots are using today in industries.

1- Manual Manipulator Robots-- 

That robots are operated by employees directly.

2--Fixed Sequence Robots--

These types of robots performed with pre-programmed information that can not change easily.

3-Variable Sequence Robots-- 

These are a type of manipulator robots that can perform various operations in accordance with pre-set information which can be changed easily.

4-Play Back robots-- 

A manipulator robot that can be memorized various operations from a human operator.

5-Numerically Controlled Robot-- 

This type of robot can be used through a perforated tape, cards or digital switches and can perform the desired task-based of numerically controlled information such as order of operation, the position of work and other pertinent information.

6-Intelligent Robot--

These types of robots can determine what action to be made based on information acquired through its own sensors and recognizing abilities.

Advantage of industrial robots:

Using robot welding can be performed faster than human abilities and high productivity can be achieved by the robotic welding operation.
Improvement of weld parameter and process control.

Welding automation is taking place on the assembly line of more and more manufacturing plants, both large and small across the world.
Although robotic welding operation is in trend it's rising the brunt issue is worker displacement which is a cause of unemployment also.

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