Thermal cutting of metals: definition, types and processes


Thermal cutting of metals: definition, types and processes

Thermal cutting of metals

Cutting is the process of separating metals. Through this, the metal is obtained with a specific size or desired length. Today metal cutting is a daily practice in the industry.


Countless kilometers of pipes are being laid today for various purposes in the industry world, where the cutting of metals is an everyday practice.
Cutting desired length and shapes of (rolled)metal pieces for assembly and other processing work performed on various machine tools and presses require either the gear blonde to be cut from the plate or the subsequent formation requires an empty cut from the plate. 
The main reasons for cutting metals can be as follows:
  • To prepare the edges of plates for simultaneous welding
  • For cutting gate and riser from casting
  • For dispose 

Types of cutting Process

The cutting process is employed by several methods, the following being the mainly used procedures.

By mechanical process

Under this process, metal is cut through machines. Nowadays a lot of new updated machines have come up, using which it has become very easy to cut the metal, which also reduces the cost over time.

By chemical reaction

Thermal cutting of metals: definition, types and processes

 In this process, flammable gases along with oxygen are used to cut the metal. Which are as follows:

Oxygen cutting

The oxygen cutting process is the most common cutting method used by industries in today's era.

Oxygen cutting is a set of cutting processes, in which the separation or removal of metals is effected through the chemical reaction of oxygen with the base metal at elevated temperatures.

In the case of oxidation-resistant metals, this reaction is facilitated by a chemical flux or the use of a metal powder.

Oxygen cutting may be categories as follows:

  •  The oxy-fuel gas(Flame)cutting process 
  •  Oxygen Lance cutting process
  •   Metal powder cutting process
  • Oxygen Arc cutting process
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