Best welding for beginners

Best welding for beginners

Best welding for beginners

If you are thinking of starting your career as a welding operator, then the first question will obviously arise in your mind “what is the best welding for beginners?”

Choice of welding for a beginner

The choice of welding for a beginner mainly depends on which field he wants to make his career. Some notable fields in which various welding processes are used are as follows: 
Aircraft and Automobile Construction, Bridges and Buildings, Pressure vessels and Tanks, Pipings and pipelines, Ships, and many others.

What is the best welding for beginners?

MIG Welding, TIG Welding, and Stic Welding are more popular in the welding industry, for a beginner These processes are popular due to the factors of efficiency, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness.

What is the easiest type of welding to learn?

MIG, TIG, and Stick Welding are easier than other processes for a beginner welder, due to ease of welding, portability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

1-MIG or GMAW( Gas metal arc welding) is a Sami automatic welding process that is demandable in Aircraft and Automobile Construction and easy to learn also.

Best welding for beginners
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2- TIG or GTAW (Gas tungsten arc welding )

This is the most commonly used process in-plant piping and pipeline. It is widely used in industry as it allows small joints to be joined quickly and firmly.

Best welding for beginners

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3- Stick welding or SMAWShielded metal arc welding) 

-The reason for the high popularity of stick welding is because of its simple technology, ease of learning, and cost-effectiveness. All the equipment required for the stick welding process is easily available anywhere. And metals can be joined together at a low cost.

Best welding for beginners

What should I weld as a beginner?

Beginners can choose between tig, Mig, or stick in the initial round. But if you want to select one of these three processes, then stick welding can be chosen. Because stick welding uses fewer resources and equipment.

However, this is only a suggestion as many factors are important in the choice of welding process for a beginner welder such as:-

Available Training Schools in the Area

What welding processes are in vogue in which industry do you aspire to work in. etc.


Following articles can help beginners to choose the right kind of welding process.

Stick welding process

Smaw (Shielded metal arc welding)

TIG or GTAW (Gas tungsten arc welding)

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