The First Metal

The Firs Metal

used by humanity 

The history of metal is older
then the history of the welding technique. as it is known that the welding technique was invented around 4500 B.C.The first metal discovered was copper, it was

discovered in many regions of the world around 8000 BC.

It is mentioned in the manuscript that from 8000 to 9000 it was
used as copper beads in Iraq. A copper pendant was founded in
Mesopotamia (now in Iraq)in 8700 B.C. also But copper was
identified as copper about thousands of years later, when it was
smelted with sulfide ores, the first metal to smelt with sulfide ores,
Around 5000 B.C. it was the first metal to be molded into a mold.
axes were made by casting in the Balkans in 4000 BC.but the
ability to extract copper from ore bodies was developed around
3000 BC and proved very helpful in promoting the use of copper
and copper alloys. technology kept growing along with time, Copper
marked as a combination of strength and durability along with
used as gold and silver to produce decorative items and jewelry.
4500 BC to 900 AD. as its main products, uses and

The Firs Metal

sources, respectively, Mesopotamia, Egypt,
Central America, West Africa, etc are mentioned.
The use of bronze along with copper was started
between 3000 and 2000 BC. In this era, small golden circular boxes made by pressure welding lap joints together. Thus we can say that this was
the first welding process used. TUBES made
from copper which are believed to be around
2750 B.C, these TUBES were found in Sahu-Re's temple located
in Abusir which was used to supply water to the temple. It is
believed that the first use of the metal, made of a mixture of brass,
copper, and zinc, was used in coins circulated widely in the Roman recesses of the 3000 BC. Copper, bronze objects found during this period have been exposed in Turkey, Iran,
Greece and Azerbaijan.
As society and technology progressed, copper proved to be a boon
for new businesses and social welfare.
Research in Chinese metallurgy at that time found a detailed discussion of the exact proportions of copper and tin, as well as a
description of the type used for casting various objects. Various alloy grades were produced, includingThe bells, axes, spears,
swords, arrows, and mirrors were included.

The Firs Metal

Most copper was mined in Cyprus. Hence the name Copper is also derived from the Latin word cuprum of Cyprus. After the invention of electricity, the importance of copper suddenly increased and more emphasis was placed on its production.
Technology evolved over time and by 19th-century institutions like ASTM, AWS, TWI developed and metallurgy gained a new
identity. Along with this, copper became completely absorbed in every part of life. And with this, the doors of many profession
opened like an architect, Designer, Scientist, Engineer, Geologist, Miner, Metalworker,
Metallurgist, Roofer, Plumber, Electrician, Installer, Network Developer, Jeweller, Watchmaker, Instrument Maker and many more.

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