welding machine

welding machine


As we know there are more than a hundred welding processes are being applied in today's era, and various types of welding machines are used for welding operations.

 In this series of welding equipment, we will discuss the different type of welding machines and their description along with the concept of the power source.


Although we used various sources of heat for fusion welding electric arc is an essential source today for heat generation.
 The arc welding process is the most common welding process in almost all welding processes, due to its various types of advantages. 

The arc welding process itself has a lot of welding processes like SMAW (shielded metal Arc welding) GTAW(Gas Tungsten Arc welding) CAW (Carbon Arc welding) SAW (Submerged Arc welding) GMAW(Gas Metal Arc welding)/MIG PAW(plasma Arc welding) ASW(Arc Spot Welding) Electroslag welding Electrogas welding SW(Stud Arc Welding)and many modified versions of these also used electric power sources for getting required heat..

These processes become popular day by day just because of the portability of arc welding process equipment and its availability in the international market. 

The other reasons are less space required, less noise possible to get high current for high enough heat, especially for heavy thicker metals.
welding machine


Basically, two types of Power sources are used in the arc welding operation.
  •  AC (Alternating current) type and
  •  DC(Direct current)/rectifier type power source.
 To get the power source we use various types of machines lime combustion engines, Transformer types, invertors, and many other verities of welding machines. First, we look at the transformer-type welding machines.


These types of welding machines usually used a transformer for getting the required current and voltages. Transformer-type machines are wildly used for both light work and heavy work as per the current required. 

This type of machine can give around 600 Amp. current also that is required for heavy thickness metal welding.


AC transformer-type welding machines are the simplest welding machines compared to other welding machines.
There are two types of transformers that are being used in the industry step up and step down.

Step-up transformers are used to increase voltage and step-down transformers always decrease voltage.

 For getting the required current used a specific wire gauge because wire thickness is responsible for the current and the turns of the wire are responsible for voltage variations.


Basically, Two coils are used in a simple transformer, called a primary coil and secondary coil.
 As we can see in the drawing, between two coils used core which is prepared by specific metal. When AC current entered in primary coil its electrons run into the hole coil, and as a result, create a magnetic field.

 The core is magnetized and the secondary coil gets energized due to the magnetic field, the core work as heat sync due to producing some heat by Eddy currents.

 To control the voltage range need to change the number of turns, for this purpose we use different tapping that is used as terminals for getting various voltage ranges.
welding machine


There are two types of AC transformers machine being used, Air-cooled and oil-cooled.

  Air-cooled machines are more popular due to their portability and suitable for light but when need high current Oil cooled welding machine is preferred.

DC Welding machine/Rectifier

Many A DC arc welding supply maybe with an AC transformer with silicon or selenium rectifier or DC generator driven by an AC motor.

It may have an open-circuit voltage between 45 to 75 voltages and currents up to 600 Amps. which is suitable for heavy thickness metal weldings. Many other types of welding machines giving DC current may be employed as storage batteries and rectifier tubes.

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