Protective tools for gas welding operation

Protective tools for gas welding operation


 Flammable gas fires become more effective when combined with oxygen, which may invite any potential danger. To avoid this, some necessary steps should be taken before starting the welding as well as suitable safety tools should also be used.


Gas welding is a fusion welding process wherein the desired heat is obtained by mixing oxygen with flammable gas for welding work.


Keeping these precautions in mind, the risk associated with welding can be reduced to a great extent.

Gas cylinders...
Protective tools for gas welding operation

  • The cylinder should be kept away from physical damage, heat, and tampering and Chain tools should be used safely to prevent falls, it is very important to keep them away from flammable and combustible materials.
  • Gas cylinders should not be exposed to welding flame, direct sunlight, water, etc.
  • Gas cylinders should be stored in a well-protected, well ventilated, and dry location.
  • Gas cylinders should not be stored near the welding work area or near the electrical circuit area and it should be Store in an upright position.
  • The gas cylinder shall be closed when it is empty.
  • Gas cylinders should be moved by tilting and rolling them off their bottom edges. Dragging or sliding of cylinders should be avoided. and valves of gas cylinders shall be closed before moving it.


 A hosepipe connects the gas cylinder to the welding torch and through it, the gas reaches the torch. Typically, blue or green pipes are used for oxygen, while red-colored pipes are used for acetylene.
Since flammable gas with oxygen is used to ignite fires in gas welding, there is a risk of fire in this process, which requires some necessary steps to reduce.

Protective tools for gas welding operationPressure regulators...

It is a type of valve that regulates the pressure of the gas and only allows the required value of the gas to flow from within.

Different types of regulators are used for oxygen and flammable gas. There are basically two types of regulators.

  • Single-stage regulator and 
  • Double stage regulator                     See Detail👉 Pressure regulators...

Flashback arresters       

Protective tools for gas welding operationFlashback arrester is also known as a flame trap. It is fitted to both oxygen and acetylene gas lines. The purpose of installing a flashback arrestor is to prevent a flashback flame from reaching the regulators. Flashback arrestors, usually detect/stop reverse
gas flow. Flashback arrester is actually allowed gas to move through it but prevents a flame to avoid a fire or explosion


Welding/cutting torch

Protective tools for gas welding operation
A basic torch has the following parts
The torch body or handle     - through which the torch is captured.
The Two separate gas tubes -  through a handle attached to the hoses) that carry oxygen and combustible gases and further transport to the mixer chamber.
Apart from this, there are separate control valves, mixer chamber, flame tube, and welding tip, etc.

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