Gas welding equipment

Gas welding equipment 

Gas welding is an ancient welding process and the practice of its use is also very ancient, but with time it has evolved and modified. The details of gas welding and the equipment used in it are as follows:

Types of equipment

The basic types of equipment used to carry out gas welding are as follows:
1- Oxygen gas cylinder
2- Acetylene gas cylinder
3- Oxygen pressure regulator
4- Acetylene pressure regulator
5- Oxygen gas Hose (Blue)
6- Acetylene Hose (Red)
7-  Welding torch or blowpipe with a set of nozzles and gas lighter
8- Trolleys for the transportation of oxygen and  acetylene  cylinders
9- A set of keys and spanners.
10- Filler rods and fluxes
11- Protective clothing  for the welding operator

Oxygen Gas Cylinder

The cylinder is used in black for oxygen gas and the valve the outlet is tightened as a screwing in right-handed.
The usual size of oxygen cylinders is 3400,5200 and 6800 liter. Oxygen cylinder is a solid drawn cylinder made with mild steel or alloy steel.
The cylinders made by Mild steel are compressed with a pressure of oxygen gas,13660 KN/m²(136.6 bar)
The cylinders made by alloy steel are compressed with a pressure of oxygen gas 17240KN/m² (172 bar). 
Gas welding equipmentGas welding equipmentThe amount of gas is proportionate to its pressure in a cylinder. For example, if oxygen pressure is dropped around five percent in a cylinder during the welding operation, it means around 1/20 of the cylinder gas has been consumed. An oxygen cylinder is furnished with a safety nut that permits oxygen to drain slowly in the phenomena that the temperature increases the gas pressure beyond the cylinder's safety load. The thickness of the oxygen cylinder wall is 0.260 or 0.650 mm and its length is close to 51 ". The diameter inside the oxygen cylinder is 8.5".
For the safety purpose of oxygen cylinders, a screwed cap is used in its top which is kept completely closed when the cylinder is not in use. and  If there is no gas in the oxygen cylinder, it is very important to keep its valve closed and even if the cylinder is not in use, the valve of the cylinder should be closed.

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