Acetylene gas cylinder

Acetylene gas cylinder

Acetylene cylinder

The acetylene cylinder fule is likewise a solid drawn metal cylinder that is charged at a pressure of 1552 kN / m² (15.five bar). this cylinder is maroon colored and the valves are scratched with the left hand.
Acetylene gas cylinderCylinders are chamfered or groomed to make it effortlessly recognizable. The standard sizes of acetylene cylinders are 2800 and 5600 liters.
the acetylene cylinder has a diameter of 12 ”(30 cm), a wall thickness of 0175"(0.438 mm) and a length of forty and half-inch (101.25 cm). An acetylene cylinder full of spongy (porous) materials together with balsa timber or a few other absorption fabric are saturated with a chemical solvent referred to as acetone. Acetylene is not stable since high pressure, it is Decomposed, in acetone that has the capability, to ingurgitate lots of the gas and release it as pressure falls. The small compartments in the porous material(filled in the cylinder)prevent the sudden decomposition of the acetylene throughout the mass, should it be started by local getting or other causes. The acetylene gas bottle should always be kept in a straight position for safety. The acetone in the cylinder must not be granted to enter the blowpipe, in other respects, an explosion can occur. The acetylene cylinder valve should only be opened with a specific wrench and should be kept in place whenever the cylinder is in use. An Acetylene bottle has a number of fusible plugs, at its bottom, designed to melt at 220°F(104°C). These plugs melt and release the pressure in case the cylinder is exposed to exorbitant heat.
Acetylene gas cylinder

Acetylene Gas Generator

If huge quantities of acetylene gas are being used, it is too cheaper to generate the gas at the place of use with the help of acetylene gas generators. Acetylene gas is generated by carbide to water method like the generator unit feeds controlled amounts of calcium carbide into the water. When these ingredients are mixed acetylene gas is produced. In order to make the operation of acetylene generators self, various devices are incorporated in it. two kinds of acetylene generators are being used that are as follows: Low-pressure generator: the pressure that delivers the gas at a pressure of less than 0.1 bar. With this kind of generator only this injector type of blowpipes can be used. The low-pressure generator is considered portable and it produces acetylene above 30 ft³/hr(15 liters per minute). Medium pressure generator which delivers the gas at a pressure of up to 0.6 bar(from1 to 15 psi).Medium pressure generator is considered stationary and it can produce acetylene up to 6000 ft³/hr(3000 liters per minute). This generator is the one that is more commonly used. The acetylene generators have certain disadvantages like: 1 Greater safety precautions are required. 2 Labour is required to charge carbide and clean out the sludge. 3 The gas obtained is not so pure as available in cylinders. There is a tendency towards pressure fluctuations with resultant unsteady flame if the low-pressure type of generator is used. Manifold system for gas welding.

To conclude

Some of the necessary precautions should be taken care which are related to gas management such as always keeping the gas cylinders in up-right position, opening the cylinder valve from the specific wrench, storing the gas cylinder in a shady and ventilated place, do not use grease oil or any flammable material in the valve section, etc.

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