Oxygen Lance cutting process

Oxygen Lance cutting process

Oxygen Lance cutting process

Oxygen lance cutting is a metal severing /removal process wherein metal is effected by oxygen supplied through a consumable lance and the pre-heat is obtained by means. 

Oxygen Lance 

 Oxygen lance is actually a steel pipe having an internal diameter of 3 to 6 mm..Oxygen lance cutting process is used to cut heavy thick sections which are not possible to be cut by an oxy-acetylene flame cutting process.
Oxygen Lance cutting process
By the oxygen lance cutting process, up to 240 cm, thicker sections can be cut properly, whereas an oxy-acetylene process can cut up to 60 cm.


  • Oxy-acetylene Welding or cutting torch 
  • Cylinder(oxygen+acetylene)
  • Pressure regulators and hose pipe
  • PPE

Operating principle

The metal edge is first heated through a heavy-duty welding or cutting torch until it turns red. Then bring the oxygen lens against this preheated section and release oxygen (about 40 to 50 psi pressure) through the pipe. Oxygen in combination with preheated steel results in rapid oxidation of the surface. The oxygen jet cuts the metal section and blows the reaction products there.
When cutting relatively light sections, the torch is removed, once the oxygen for the lance is on. When cutting extremely thick sections, constant temperature is maintained using a special, long torch during cutting. The cut is usually initiated at an angle and brought to a vertical position by manipulating the lens and of course torch if used continuously.
During cutting, as the lance reaches the bottom of the metal in the direction of depth, it is brought back( up) and lowered again by cutting.

 Advantages of oxygen lance cutting

BY this process heavy thick steel sections can be cut.
Suitable for cutting economically large steel and cast iron sections.
An excellent tool for piercing holes in steel plates and castings.

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