Chemical Flux Cutting


Chemical Flux Cutting 

Chemical Flux Cutting is an oxygen cutting process wherein the severing or removal of metals is obtained by the use of a chemical flux to obtained cutting.
Since chemical flux is mixed with oxygen in this process, it is also called flux injection cutting process.

Use of Chemical Flux cutting

Chemical Flux Cutting is used to prevent the interference of refractory oxides formed during cutting of stainless and other oxidation resistant alloys.It is achieved through the use of a chemicalflux. Flux cutting is mainly used for cutting of stainless steel materials.

Principle of operation

While passing through the flux feed unit, the cutting oxygen carries the flux to the torch as a mixture of oxygen and flux  flows through the oxygen hole of the torch tip.

Fluxes are prepared to react with oxides of chromium and nickel, to build combinations with melting points near iron oxides. In order terms, the flux increases the fluidity of the refractory oxides so that they fly out of the iron to the kerf, and can be more easily oxidized.


The equipment required for cutting flux is similar to that used for cutting powder.


Stainless steel can be cut without torch oscillation and at approximately the speed at which carbon steel of the same thickness is cut by cutting wxy-acetylene.

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